Your partner to Tram & Rail         Vehicle, Depot, Workshop, Prototypes

Consultant in Projektmanagement and Interim manager

   Depot and workshop optimization

  Own Workshop for Prototypeproduction

Depå Nottingham
Depå Nottingham

Välkomen/Welcome/ Willkommen

I guess I piqued up your curiosity after you read this.
With my 16years of accumulated experience
from Tram and Rail industry, I have a unique knowledge bank for you.

With a wide knowledge in the areas of

  • Optimization of operation and maintenance of rolling stock and workshops
  • Optimization of the tram track working vehicles modernization of tram vehicles 

  • Third-party inspections

  • Management and Interim manager Procurement of rolling targeting technology

  • Quality Assurance ISO

  • My own workshop with opportunities for prototyping I have machinery with Welding, Turning, Milling, sand blasting and Painting I mastering turning, milling and welding in all methods and all materials.