I have 16 years of experience in the tram and rail vehicles related activities in project management, operations and management positions. During my time on the tram workshop in Norrkoping, I was responsible for service and maintenance with budget responsibility initially low even track maintenance under me. I drove active development, customization and optimization of workshops participated in the procurement of used and new trams. I have conducted two tenders for operating contracts for tram maintenance and one for trams and industrial railways. Purchasing and optimization of HVK and other parts needed for the tram maintenance, I was heavily driven in. I can handle simple conversational German and of course English and Swedish text and speech. I place great value on quality, traceability order. I have attended several certifications before the introduction of ISO 9002 and occupational safety and environmental performance. After several years of leadership and wage-setting function, I have gained a good communication and educational characteristics. Working professionally and long-term with an entrepreneurial spirit. I'm very focused on my project and want to see results. Before my career in rail vehicles started, I traveled around for about 11 years on the nuclear, paper mills, pharmaceutical industry and the energy industry with a focus on service and maintenance of steam valves, safety valves and controls thereof. My recent work has focused on inspections / audits of vehicles, depot analyzes, RAMS, Interim Head, Maintenance Analyses, production preparation and logistics of workshop flows. I keep myself au-date on what's happening in the market by mid-sized contact pretty in Europe with emphasis on Germany